Medical Device Success Platform

Post-Market xRM Built For MedTech

Centralize surveillance activities, extract meaningful insights, and redefine post-market success, one connection at a time.

Video & Digital Content Video & Digital Content

Video & Digital Content

Empower Sales via Expert Insights

Rekonnect provides a unified digital ecosystem to connect key opinion leaders (KOLs), fostering meaningful relationships while engaging, sharing industry intelligence, and shaping the future.

Build A Fanbase
Video & Digital Content

Drive Engagement from Launch to Adoption

With Rekonnect you can seamlessly introduce users to your device, foster lasting relationships, enhance engagement, and grow a loyal user base.

Activate & Retain
Video & Digital Content

Master Post-Market Surveillance

Rekonnect streamlines post-market surveillance by offering device monitoring, adverse event tracking, and clinical feedback, ensuring your commercial priorities align with safety and effectiveness.

Prioritize PMS
Video & Digital Content

Increase Product & Business Value

With Rekonnect, reinforce operations from R&D through to post-market, stay tuned to market demand, surpass expectations, and elevate your company's value.

Stimulate Growth

Faster Sales Cycles

Move high-value leads through the funnel with less time and struggle for acquisitions.


Reduced Misuse Rate

Significantly reduce the risk of misuse and malfunction in the hands of healthcare professionals.


Increased Brand Recognition

Elevate your brand's visibility, positioning you as a top-tier choice in the MedTech landscape.


Accuracy In PMS Data

Intensify the value of data collected in the post-market with automation and trend analysis.

Reimagine MedTech's Future with our xRM

Navigate the complexities of post-market processes with Rekonnect, positioning you at the forefront of industry success.

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