Medical Device Success Platform

User-Centric Journeys

With Rekonnect, seamlessly activate new users, cultivate lasting loyalty, and ensure the rapid adoption of every cutting-edge device innovation.

Video & Digital Content

Master Product Life Cycles

Build virtual devices within the digital ecosystem and link them with critical documents, specifications, standard operating procedures and essential information.

Distribute Accurate Information To Stakeholders
Version Control For Change Management
Iterate & Control The Evolution Of Devices
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Guide User Interactions

Assemble global device users from across the industry, build a database of valuable and engaged customers in healthcare and find out what they need to improve diagnosis and treatment!

Gather Device Users Securely
Start Collaborating With Networked Distributors
Take Ownership Of Key Relationship Data
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Fulfill Service Quality

Connect instantly with your customer base, dive into usability, use cases and challenges in delivering care with your device. Keep oversight of all customer journeys and anticipate where greater support is required.

Real-time Device User Interactions
Unbiased Customer Survey Results
Centralized Database Of Customer Data
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Educate For Success

Eliminate the distance between you and global healthcare professionals, begin the journey of engagement and knowledge acquisition that converts device users into first-class care providers.

Document Procedures For Care Delivery
Assessment & Certification For Devices
Track & Measure Competence For Use

Faster Onboarding

Reduce the friction for new users of your devices to find the entry point to delivering better care.


Knowledge Retention

Improve the depth of training with assessment and certification that keeps device users on their toes.


Reduced Misuse Rate

Significantly reduce the risk of misuse and malfunction in the hands of untrained healthcare professionals.

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Ready to Transform Users to Experts?

Create a cohesive user experience platform, engaging users in every step to grasp the value of your devices.