Medical Device Success Platform

Elevate Control in Post-Market

Bring post-market activities together with Rekonnect. From user feedback to adverse event tracking, gain actionable insights and boost department collaboration.

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Control Document Access

Device users globally need access to accurate, localized materials for devices. Via Rekonnect you can provide them with the right documents and standard operating procedures.

Version Controlled Document Handling
Approval Request Change Workflow
Full Log Of Changes & Approvals
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Record Customer Interactions

Assemble a database of trend reports from healthcare professionals and enjoy qualitative data on device usage for audit and regulatory compliance.

Centralised Database Of Customer Data
Distribute Accurate Information To Stakeholders
Trend Reporting & Analysis
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Log Feedback & Complaints

Launch post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF) surveys and update your clinical evaluation report with high quality commercial data that keeps your team compliant.

High Quality Post-market Survey Data
Complaint Handling Workflow
Adverse Events Reporting System
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Report User Training

Instantly create reports and export intelligence from all digital and in-person training within your global customer base, building trust between departments on quality management.

Validated Certification Device User Lists
Internal & External Training Records
Time Controlled Recertifications

Time Saved For Audit

Eliminate the scramble for evidence, documentation and records when you prepare for audit.


Quicker Event Reporting

Accelerate the process of compiling, submitting, and reduce response times in crucial situations.


Enhanced Collaboration

Easily share training records, feedback, and PMS insights within the team, streamlining workflows and unifying data collection.

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Ready to Optimize PMS Plan?

Refine the PMS system, integrating vital data, simplifying processes, and promoting departmental collaboration.