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Post-Market Success with Rekonnect

Dive into the heart of Rekonnect, where passion meets innovation. As champions of the MedTech post-market landscape, we're dedicated to creating solutions that drive progress, enhance collaboration, and set new industry standards.

> Our Vision

At Rekonnect, we strive for a seamlessly connected MedTech post-market ecosystem. We aim to bridge medical devices with stakeholders, ensuring effortless data flow and real-time insights. Our vision encompasses a future where MedTech enterprises transcend mere compliance, thriving on informed, data-driven decisions.

> Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the MedTech industry with innovative xRM solutions. By centralizing post-market data, our platform excels in enhancing surveillance. We help organizations strenghten stakeholder replationships, maintain compliance and anticipate market trends, awlays keeping them a step ahead.

> Our Team

Behind Rekonnect is a dynamic team of industry experts and tech enthusiasts. Each member brings a unique blend of experience and passion, collectively driving our platform to new heights. From the architects of our software to our customer support champions, every individual at Rekonnect is dedicated to our clients' success.

> The Future

While proud of our achievements, the future holds greater promise. As MedTech evolves, so will Rekonnect. We're dedicated to innovation, providing our partners with the latest tools and insights. With exciting developments on the horizon, our journey in reshaping MedTech is just beginning.

Will Gray

Will Gray

Customer Success

Will Gray - COO

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Operations & Finance

Will Gray - COO

Pontus Berggren

System Architect

Will Gray - COO

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Will Gray - COO

Urban Bergquist

Swedish Markets

Will Gray - COO

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Northern Eurpean Markets